Hanmesoft Corporation

is just trying to make our life and world better
through Computer and Information Technology!

a Developer

From the Operating Systems to the Applications, Hanmesoft Corporation is a natural born developer as long as Software based on computer.

a Provider

Regarding Solutions and Services, Hanmesoft Corporation is an optimal provider for any demand.

a Distributor

From daily necessity to industrial product, Hanmesoft Corporation is a global distributor with vertical and horizontal network.

What we do

Hanmesoft Corporation has grown up and expanded as belows.

Checkbox Solution

"Checkbox Solution" is a marketplace and also a platform which works with ecommerce.


"7-star.net" is a content providing web site with fun and joy.

ArcaOS Distributing

ArcaOS based on OS/2 has been distributed into Korea and localized by Hanmesoft Corporation.

Book Publishing

Intelligence, the key of human ability, has been also improved by the books published by Hanmesoft Corp.

Play Hanmesoft & Game Developing

Game is such a motivation to study and education. Easy access to performance derives from Game. Let's play hanmesoft.


Distributing means connecting between producers and consumers. as well as linking and networking.

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    GwanakGu, Seoul
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    +82(2) 879-2007